• Appendix Project Space

Tonight at 7 pm Appendix Project Space is holding its first fundraiser. Appendix, founded in July of 2008, is a home garage converted to an art gallery, located down an alley off NE Alberta, between 26th and 27th. You might remember my review of Ben Young's Material Affair or Maggie Casey's string-based, installation works, both shown at Appendix. Tonight, 25+ artists are contributing to a silent auction that runs from 7-8 pm— afterward, pieces that didn't sell at auction will go to a raffle hosted by the Merc's own Sarah Mirk. According to the press release for the event, money from the fundraiser "will go toward a new outdoor performance space, interior resurfacing, and general maintenance." Here's a complete list of artists who've donated work to the fundraiser:

Justin Bland, Julia Calabrese, Jill Campoli, Calvin Ross Carl, Maggie Casey, Zachary Davis, Future Death Toll, Michael DiMotta, Derek Franklin, Damien Gilley, Mariana Gordon, Josh Hulst, Jamen Lee, Chelsea Linehan, Jennifer Mercede, Nathaniel Thayer Moss, Dina No, Joshua Pavlacky, Ashley Sloan, Christine Taylor, Jill Torberson, Anni Tracy, Daniel Wallace, Gary Wiseman, Benjamin Young

The Appendix folks ask that attendees bring cash for raffle tickets.

  • Disjecta

Tomorrow night, Disjecta's multi-location Portland2010 biennial officially kicks off from 6-10 pm at the main Disjecta site (8371 N Interstate Ave). On view will be works by David Corbett, Sean Healy, Tahni Holt, Crystal Schenk, with collaborative pieces by Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis, as well as Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas. While I'll have an extended preview of the biennial in next week's print issue, here's a brief rundown of a couple attractions opening tomorrow: Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas are creating an extension of their "Eco-Baroque" style, which you can get a taste of, here; Tahni Holt will perform a half-finished dance routine, which she tells me is inspired by "Werner Herzog’s short documentary, The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner," in which the Herzog "[blurs] the lines between director, documentarian and character"— sounds a wee bit schizophrenic; Sean Healy is creating several installations, which he details as "a floor piece consisting of four real size cinder blocks cast form clear acrylic resin," as well as "a wall diptych consisting of 18,000 clean cigarette filters, glued face out on a vinyl substrate, hand colored to look like a cancerous mole." The other pieces on view also sound pretty awesome, but I don't wanna spoil all the surprises. In the coming weeks, other Portland2010 locations will open their doors— you can find complete info right here.

Are you doing anything artsy this weekend?— if so, post about it in the comments!