If you commute down east Burnside you might have noticed that, for the past week, someone seems to have taken up residence in the front office of the bSIDE6 building. The modest abode includes a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, guitar, exercycle, and workspace. Whatever the resident looks at on her computer is projected on the wall, visible to anyone walking by on the street.

Looks cozy.

Turns out it's an art project (surprise!) about the transparency of our lives in the digital age. From the artist's statement:

The Public Isolation Project consists of two symbiotic and simultaneous art pieces—Joshua Jay Elliott’s An Examinable Life and Cristin Norine’s The Future of Socializing. An analog analogy of the contemporary experience of living in the Internet age, Cristin Norine will spend one month living within the confines of the bSIDE6 Gallery—in total view from the gallery’s windows. Her isolation will be alleviated solely by digital interactions with the outside world. Viewers of the piece will reflect on their own expanded accessibility that technology has brought them.

You can follow Cristin's isolation on Twitter. Should you stop by, please don't tap on the glass.