So I just got home from the Freddy's on Hawthorne at SE 39th Ave. I bought a fifty pack of envelopes, ten mini bungee cords, a bottle of wine, and dishwasher soap. (Sidenote: who's the MacGyver who can make a bong outta that stuff? I know you're out there.)

Anyway. I'm unpacking my horn of plenty when I see this taped to the back of my Cascade Complete Pacs (brand mentioned because I'm not really sure if this is some faux-guerrilla-art ad campaign):

Hello. Im very subversive.
  • Hello. I'm very subversive.

And on the back of that, there's this:

And creative.
  • And creative.

Wowzers. That just made me pity sneeze.

Though my gut tells me otherwise, I really hope this is an ad campaign. If not, that poem is to poetry as The Feces Smearer is to empathy. Anybody know anything about this? Or who is responsible? Ad agency? Subversive artiste? And, once apprehended, how should we punish the culprit? (The Geneva Convention says nothing about Crimes Against Writing. I'm at a loss.)

Take it away, Blogtown.