CAPTAIN PICARD DAY Makes Christmas look like shit
  • CAPTAIN PICARD DAY Makes Christmas look like shit

This Saturday is the Second Annual Captain Picard Day at Floating World Comics—and as I have already informed you, I will be one of the event's prestigious and revered judges. I would describe my unique style of fine arts criticism as "tough, but fair, unless I believe, correctly or not, that you have ever wronged or slighted me, in which case fuck your art."

The reason for this post, however, is not to point out that my questionable decision to spend thousands of hours of my life watching Next Generation repeats is finally starting to pay off (TOLD YOU MOM) but rather to tell you this: Get making that Picard art, Picard artists, and make it good, because nothing will make me sadder than if the Picard art at Captain Picard Day is not amazing. If last year is any indication, it'll be great. But last year I wasn't judging, so I didn't care as much, because I didn't have to look at any of it. This year I do. So don't waste my time. Make something Picard would be proud of. Hell, let's work together to make a Captain Picard Day something we can all be proud of. Here's something to inspire you!

P.S. I will totally accept bribes