CAPTAIN PICARD DAY The best day that ever was will be.
  • CAPTAIN PICARD DAY The best day that ever was will be.

We're a mere week away from Captain Picard Day, the most amazing holiday there is. And, true to form, Floating World Comics (400 NW Couch) is hosting an annual art show/contest for works celebrating Jean-Luc Picard, a man infinitely wiser and stronger and more daring and handsome than anyone, even including me, and certainly including you. Once again, I've demanded that I be allowed to be one of the judges for this event, presiding over who will get to win all the prizes and stuff that'll be given out. Last year it was a harder job than I imagined—there was everything from Lego portraits of Picard, to sweaters featuring knitted Picards, to some sort of sculpture thing, to painted things! Paintings! Yes. I am not an art expert. But I am a Picard expert, and I do not like to be disappointed. Anyway, they were all really impressive, except for a couple of crappy ones.

I think the event's pretty great—even if you aren't entering any art in it, or even if you aren't a Trekkie, it's still definitely worth swinging by. (This year's festivities take place on Thurs June 6, from 6-10 pm.) For those who want to enter (I remind you, I do not like to be disappointed), keep in mind you've only got a week left to get started on/finish up/hastily throw together something that's jaw-droppingly amazing, so get on it. Hit the jump for the official rules of entry, via Floating World Comics; in the meantime, I leave you with one of my favorite entries from last year, by Cat Farris.

Once again, we will be holding an art contest and show to honor the man, the myth, the legend: Jean Luc Picard. As always, it will be completely free to enter and attend. Since I know all of you will want to spend Captain Picard Day with your families and loved ones, this year we are celebrating it the week before, on First Thursday June 6th.

If you want to submit art for the contest, great! Like I said, it’s free to enter, and there will be hundreds of dollars worth of prizes.

Rules for entry -

1. In order to submit you have two options: You can drop it off at Floating World Comics between Saturday June 1st and the show itself, but we really recommend bringing it in by Tuesday June 4th. Alternately, you can mail it to us. If you do, please label your package ‘Attn: CAPTAIN PICARD DAY’

2. Attach a label or index card to the back of your art with the following contact info: your name and phone number or email address. If the art is for sale include a price (Floating World takes a 1/3rd commission on art sales), or write NFS (not for sale).

3. We start hanging the art show on Wednesday June 5th. If you bring artwork in the day of the event (Thursday, June 6th) we cannot guarantee good placement. To reiterate, I REALLY RECOMMEND BRINGING IT EARLY.

4. All artists will have the option of selling their art through FWC. Sales are cash and carry, meaning after the prizes are awarded at 9pm, art will be sold directly off the wall. It is important to include your contact info so you can receive payment.

5. All art that does not get sold at the event will be displayed in store through the month of June (if you want it to, that is. If you would rather hide your art in a cave where no one can see it, that’s your business). You are responsible for claiming your artwork anytime before June 30th.

If you don’t want to submit art, but you do want to attend the event… ummm… just show up between 6 and 10 and look at the arts. It is pretty straightforward. But you should really submit some art! Last year I gave out prizes just for submitting stuff! This year I will do that again!