Martin Ontiveros is famous for a lot of things: Illustrator for Ricky Ricotta Mighty Robot, painting a label for Gigantic Brewing, making heavy metal posters, designing collectible toys, and making the cover of the Mercury look awesome.


Hours after sending us this week's Mummy Issue cover art, he took a bike ride and got hit by a car. After a couple days in the hospital he's ok—but he's pretty banged up. Even his drawing hand is mangled. I'm sure there's a joke to be made about how "he's wrapped up like a mummy after making the Mummy Issue art," but I would never think of mentioning it since I don't want to offend anyone (…like his Mummy. Zing!).

Wish him a speedy recovery, and buy some art to help cover the medical bills by way of his Instagram.

There will also be a benefit show at Club 21, Sat August 10th with bands to be announced. We'll let you know more once we know more. You know?

See all the other awesome covers he's done for the Mercury after the jump, including the our very first cover from the year 2000.