In honor of both the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and the late Walter Cronkite, this web site will air the complete footage that originally aired on live television 40 years ago to the second, as reported for CBS News by good old Walter. Synchronize your watches!

Moon landing broacast start: 4:10:30 pm EDT on July 20
Moon landing shown: 4:17:40 pm EDT
Moon landing broacast end: 4:20:15 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast start: 10:51:27 pm EDT
First step on Moon: 10:56:15 pm EDT
Nixon speaks to the Eagle crew: approx 11:51:30 pm EDT
Moon walk broadcast end: 12:00:30 pm EDT on July 21

PS: EDT is three hours ahead of us, so it will kick off at 1:10 our time. THAT'S SOON!