Prepare yourself for a journey through space and time, provided by the new brain-melting video from Hot Victory. Once a duo, then a trio, and now back to the duo of dueling drummers Caitlin Love and Ben Stoller (aww, they even share the hi-hat), Hot Victory makes music for which no words suffice. "Intergalactic electro-prog"? I don't think I can do better than that. Anyway, this track "Procyon," presumably named after the star, is a beat-laden, trigger-synth journey into outer/inner space, and the video (directed by 31knots' Jay Winebrenner) contains lots of hexagons, glowing things, and the benevolent visage of Carl Sagan. It's a trip worth taking.

"Procyon" comes from Hot Victory's latest release, Nexus, which is available for streamin' and buyin' over on Bandcamp. Hot Victory plays at East End on Thursday, November 1 on a bill with Midday Veil, Eternal Tapestry, and Grapefruit.