WELCOME TO PORTLAND! There is so much to see and do in our city, and we promise you’re going to have a great time. And that’s why our VISITORS’ GUIDE TO PORTLAND is your best choice for finding all the places tourists and locals love—from coffee joints, to restaurants, to pot shops, to book stores, you’ll find great opinions from the most knowledgeable people in town.

Getting around town... without a car

How to rent a bike with BIKETOWN

A guide to Portland’s neighborhoods

Tourist attractions that even the locals love

The best places to shop in Portland for fashion, shoes, vintage, and more.

The best places to shop for everything else

Portland’s best restaurants and eateries

The bars every tourist must try

The top spots for beer lovers

Where to see music and shows

Dance nights for POC, the LGBTQ crowd, and more

The city’s best movie theaters

Places to see comedy, plays, and performance

Bookstores, art spaces, and museums

The most popular coffee shops in town

Portland’s top spots for donuts

Where to buy legal pot (and how)

Strip clubs you won’t want to miss

Where to go to get outdoors and take a hike