Hello, Blogtown! Sorry about Thursday's "Good Morning, News!," there is a plague on our household and it's been a rough couple days. *gurgle gurgle*

But let's have some Saturday news:

Man, yesterday was about as bad as it could be. Bombings in Beirut, the horrific attacks in Paris, and an earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The news is still unfolding.

In better news: A doctor at Oregon Health & Science University is working on a vaccine that could kill the HIV virus.

Need another reason to oppose natural gas? In Los Angeles a massive underground storage tank has been leaking for three weeks. Officials say it poses "no imminent threat" but are warning residents to stay inside.

Portland City Council on Thursday voted unanimously to oppose projects like the one mentioned above. Amid cheers and clapping from a packed council chambers, the commissioners cast their historic votes to oppose any projects that expand fossil fuel infrastructure.

Even so, the Oregon Department of Transportation says the number of oil trains chugging through the Columbia Gorge is on the rise.

Rain, rain, and more rain this weekend.
  • Rain, rain, and more rain this weekend.

There's another Democratic debate scheduled for tonight, where terrorism is sure to be a big topic.

A Google driverless car in Northern California was pulled over by police and nearly issued a ticket for going too slow. Who would they write that ticket to, anyway?

Need a dose of sunny weather? Spirit Airlines has added a new daily flight between PDX and Los Angeles.

Cool as a cucumber? Nope: