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Every college student (and Idahoan) knows that a baked potato is an affordable, filling meal, and delicious to boot. Chef Chris Robertson also knows this, and Roman Candle’s Loaded Baked Potato is a crew favorite for shift-off. It’s piled high with everything that makes the tuber a perennial favorite: succulent bacon, bright green scallions, and a huge dollop of sour cream. This carby pizza slab isn’t called “loaded” for nothing—it also has provolone piccante and hot sauce from Portland’s Picklopolis atop a Yukon Gold potato-coated Roman-style flatbread. Like a pizza mashup of your favorite cozy moments, your mouth will feel like it’s sitting by a crackling fireplace in a ski lodge from your youth. Your stomach, meanwhile, will feel so full that you'll have to catch a cab home. For a mere $2 you could very feasibly stretch this rectangle of mashed potato-goodness into two separate meals, like back in the days of collegiate yore when even buying ramen seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

Roman Candle Baking Co., 3377 SE Division, Roman Candle's Pizza Week slice available April 18-24, 11:30 am-9 pm. Limit two per customer, dine-in only. For more about Pizza Week, see

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