Suzette Smith

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This slice is vegetarian, tangy, and beautiful: The thickness of the white mozzarella base works in balance with the lightness and snap of green peppers, banana peppers, and a tasteful pesto swirl, while a dusting of parmesan adds some welcome salt. The signage hanging above the Burnside's Straight From New York Pizza abbreviates to “SFNY,” four letters I’ve always assumed stood for “San Francisco, New York.” Thankfully, the SFNY staff let me get away from my embarrassment quickly. “There’s no shortage of New York-style pizza in Portland,” Tommy Lang, SFNY's general manager, explained. “We just try to be super nice.” He then flipped a large disc of dough over his head.

Straight from New York Burnside, 2241 W Burnside, sfnypizza.com. Straight from New York Belmont's Pizza Week slice available April 18-24, Sun-Thurs 11 am-11 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am-midnight. Limit one per customer, dine-in and take-out, whole pies available. For more about Pizza Week, see portlandpizzaweek.com.

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