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Swedish death metal band Shining was scheduled to play the Tonic Lounge tomorrow as part of its "No Safe Space" tour, but yesterday in a Facebook post the venue announced its decision to cancel the concert due to reported behaviors of lead singer Niklas Kvarforth.

The Tonic Lounge ultimately decided to cancel the show after hearing from an unnamed source "that he may have been involved in the drugging of someone's drink" and receiving a call from "a trusted friend in Boise Idaho, detailing the events that took place while Shining were there on Sunday."

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"We were told that the singer of Shining went to the local punk bar Mulligans [in Boise] before their concert, and was groping women and threatening to stab employees, and had to be removed. We were also told that later, while performing at The Shredder, he used many blatant racist and homophobic slurs on stage, threatened audience members with rape, slapped audience members in the face, and was sieg heil saluting repeatedly throughout their performance."

This doesn't sound too out-of-character for Kvarforth. In this interview posted to the heavy metal blog Invisible Oranges last September, he uses racist and homophobic slurs, talks about stabbing people, and asks the interviewer, "When was the first time you got raped?" The blog also includes an image of the band's T-shirt, which reads "I have a boyfriend but I think about Niklas Kvarforth when he fucks me." The Mercury reached out to Shining's publicist and the Tonic Lounge for comment, and has not yet heard back.