Andrea Beaulieu of MOORE Custom Goods
Andrea Beaulieu of MOORE Custom Goods Beth Olson Creative

Starting a business, any kind of business is HARD. If you talk to anyone who has decided to pursue this endeavor, whether it be someone who owns a restaurant, a boutique, or a shop that sells dirty magazines (do those even exist anymore???) they will regale you with tales of razor thin margins, 80 hour work weeks, and never-ending competition with big-box and online retailers.

Portland has become a hub to TONS of start-ups of the apparel design variety, and if you are one of those (crazy) people that wants to start a clothing line of your own, or you already have but need some guidance, there are a series of classes coming up hosted by Portland Fashion Institute that you will want to check out. “Our city is known nationwide for its fashion,” says Sharon Blair, director for PFI. “We want our apparel designers to continue that image, to express themselves and have fun. But we also want them to make money and stay in business. It’s no fun to go broke.”

Classes begin September 9th and are full of guest speakers that know. their. shit. Full class listing below:

- September 9: Start an Apparel Business with Marcy Newton and Sharon Blair
- September 16: Future of Fashion: Forecasting with Andrea Beaulieu, MOORE Custom Goods
- September 23: Excel for Apparel Professionals with Jennifer Hasper and Dana Ditto, Nike
- September 30: Social Media Marketing with Ben Herman, Mad Fish Digital
- October 7: Costing & Pricing with Jennifer Hasper and Dana Ditto, Nike
- October 14: Working with Production with Alyson Clair, Alyson Clair Originals
- October 21: Sourcing 101 with Jennifer Hasper and Dana Ditto, Nike.
- October 28: Contracting Basics: Owen Schmidt, attorney
- November 4: Protect Your Intellectual Property with Amelia Forsberg, IP attorney
- November 11: Truth about Trade Shows with Jason Calderon, West Daily
- November 18: Working with Boutiques with Celeste Sipes, Radish Underground

Classes are every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and cost $75 per class or $669 for the whole series. For more information and to register shoot an email to PFI here.