Sativa Science Club
We all have that one friend. Maybe you are that friend, and no one has had the heart to tell you. It doesn't come from a place of ill intent, and Lord knows there's enthusiasm to spare. But that friend, about whom I'm willing to take a controversial stand and say is overwhelmingly a straight white male, sprouts so much wrong about cannabis it can make your brain hurt.

That friend is a Canna-moron.

"Yeah, 'Landrace' just means it grows faster than the other plants, and the best weed smells like cat piss, and drinking bong water will get you soooo high, brah."

And maybe it's not their fault. Cannabis education wasn't part of my curriculum, and I went to a Waldorf school. When you have a plant that has been demonized, criminalized, prohibited, and falsely accused of numerous sins, gaining solid knowledge can be a real undertaking.

On November 20, Sativa Science Club launches pre-registration for its 2018 offerings. Their stated goal—"To establish streamlined base level certification for every legal state in the nation"—is both lofty and admirable. CEO Mary Poppins shared that they "aim to achieve it through a compiled and curated curriculum from the leading experts and Cannabis Universities in the nation into a single, streamlined base certification for the cannabis industry. Rather than attempt to dominate the education effort, SSC provides pre-requisite training designed to lay the foundation for independently owned programs and raise the bar for the cannabis industry as a whole."

There's an online certification option, and you can select between Business or Advocacy. All that comes with core science and business certifications, job placement assistance, and capstone projects within the community for those enrolled in the Advocacy course.

Registration opens up on 11/20, (which is 4/20 + 7 if that helps.) Register and pay a deposit by January 1, and get 50 percent off rates. Sign up and find out more here.