Doug Brown

Sad news for the fun-lovers of Portland: Embers Avenue, the Old Town-China Town gay bar/drag show/dancing mecca, will close its doors after nearly 50 years in business this week.

The story was first reported by a keen-eyed reporter at PSU’s Vanguard who noticed a Facebook post indicating that the club would officially close at 2:30 am early Friday morning.

The post, which was came from Embers’ official Facebook page, says the sudden closure stems from a stroke suffered by the club’s owner. However, Aaron Daughtery, an associate of the club who was contacted by the Mercury, could only confirm it was closing for personal reasons. That being said, the much beloved bar is inviting the community to celebrate the club’s life and legacy with one last dance.

“We are expecting a very, very large turnout,” Daughtery wrote via text. “[It’ll] probably be a want-to-take-the-next-day-off-work kind of night.”

So get out there and dance, Portland because, at least at Ember’s, it’s your last chance.