We can't say it enough: Measure 101 is bewilderingly complex, but incredibly important. And while the Mercury's editorial board has urged a "yes" vote on Measure 101, what's really important is that you vote at all.

To date, just 20.5 percent of eligible voters have returned ballots statewide. And just 19 percent of voters in Multnomah County have turned their ballots in. VOTE, DAMN YOU.

According to Multnomah County, today Thursday is the last day to "safely" mail in your ballot to make sure it's counted. So if you've got a stamp, get that bad boy out. Can't find the time to fill out a single bubble before the USPS shows up? You can drop your ballot at one of many available sites—including all libraries—countywide. Ballots need to be in by 8 pm on January 23. Here's the list. And here's a map: