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IT"S ELECTION DAY, AND YOU NEED TO VOTE: In case you still need to bone up before the 8 pm deadline to turn in your ballot, here's the Mercury's recommendation for Measure 101, the lone item in this special election. (There's also a map of where to turn in your ballot.)

Turnout is low so far, but—SURPRISE!—Democratic voters are voting in higher numbers than Republicans, an indication that Measure 101 could be on its way to passage.

GAME ON: Democratic senators on Monday went along with a bill to fund the government for another three weeks, scrapping their insistence that Republican's agree to protect DACA recipients in exchange for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's promise he'd negotiate that matter in coming weeks. Always a sure bet, trusting Mitch McConnell.

The most common narrative out of Washington is that Democrats "blinked" in the face of a standoff that could have proved damaging. (Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley both opposed the bill that re-opened the government.)

UH OH!: Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for "several hours" last week in connection with the special investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw's appointment as the first woman of color atop the Portland Police Bureau was celebrated in a ceremonial swearing-in yesterday. Doug Brown has a rundown (including the part where Outlaw called us out).

Scoop! It seems no one wants ownership of Portland's new campaign finance system, wherein candidates for city office can qualify for public financing. So Commissioner Amanda Fritz, the program's champion, is planning to take it over. That creates some interesting questions.

Is Oregon finally going to join the movement to give its electoral votes only to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote? That might be up to you. The legislature is cooking up a bill that would refer the question to voters.

The city has finally relented in its tussle with Old Town Brewing. For years, the city has tried to snatch away Old Town's claim to the "jumping deer" logo on beer products—without success. Now, officials have agreed to let it be, so long as they can license the deer logo on beer-related items for very limited promotional uses. The city mercilessly polices use of the deer in all sorts of other products—an irony that runs contrary to the freedom in that stag's airborne heart.

Dame Lillard Is Concerned: The Blazers all star recently asked for a one-on-one meeting with team owner Paul Allen to seek assurances the Blazers are actually trying to win a championship one of these days.

Well, damn. In McMinnville, even the veterinary technicians will shoot your dog if it strays onto their land.

Now Pennsylvania's congressional map has been ruled unconstitutional. The state's supreme court says districts were drawn to illegally favor Republicans.

RIP to Naomi Parker Fraley, the REAL Rosie the Riveter and a Longview, Washington resident.