In case you missed it, Trump's newest legal helper (?) Rudolph Giuliani told Sean Hannity of FOX News that in fact, the president did reimburse lawyer Michael Cohn for the $130,000 payment made to Stormy Daniels to hush up their alleged affair. (Whoopsy-daisy!) Giuliani's gaffe directly contradicts what Trump and his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters earlier, that lawyer Cohn paid this hefty sum of money to Daniels out of the kindness of his heart... you know, like lawyers do. Anyway, here's how the New York Times is headlining it this morning on Twitter:

"Reversed his decision" is the NYT's latest secret spy code for "he lied." And here's how it reads on their site... not much better.


"Contradicts earlier claims?" That Trump is a serial liar is now beyond dispute—in fact, the president has lied OVER 3,000 TIMES since taking office, according to the Washington Post—so it's getting increasingly suspicious that the New York Times still refuses to call what is clearly a lie, a goddamn LIE. And it didn't help when the NYT's Washington correspondent Maggie Haberman jumped a little too quickly to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' defense after the righteous tongue-lashing the press secretary received from Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents dinner this past weekend.

As a newspaper person, I get it: sometimes the truth is not black and white—but sometimes? It absolutely is. And when the NYT, the paper we trust to hold our government's feet to the fire, tiptoes around people's feelings? It bolsters the right's claim that the media can't be trusted.

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Happily, the residents of Twitter have little fear of calling things as they see them.