Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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Good morning, Portland. Here's some stuff to start your day:

Portland's Got a Budget: And it includes $$$ to hire 49 new patrol officers. Portland City Commissioners tacked on a few bonus amendments ($60k for legal aid for domestic abuse victims! Mandatory recording of police overtime usage!), but the $5 billion budget is finally final.

Shooting at Montage: A man was critically shot at Le Bistro Montage early this morning. Police believe it was a targeted shooting, but reeeeeally don't have any other information.

Have You Read the Mercury's Feature Yet? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD RIGHT NOW. Our own Jenni Moore paints a beautiful/painful picture how a Canby man's life has shifted since surviving the Pulse shooting.

Tragically Rare News of the Day: A white woman in called the cops because a Black real estate inspector was inspecting a house in her Memphis neighborhood. Here's the unexpected part: When the cops showed up, they threatened to throw her in jail if she kept harassing the man, who recorded the entire encounter on his phone.

“You keep the camera rolling. If you have any problems with her, what I want you to do is call me back over here,” a white male officer reassured him. “She will go to jail for that.” Read the rest of this delightful dialog over at the Root.

ITMFA: Garbage human Donald Trump called undocumented immigrants seeking protection in the US "animals" yesterday, invoking language most popularly used by Nazis to dehumanize Germany's Jewish population. No words.

No Chill Till: In an unexpected defense of democracy, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Virginia Military Institute grads that if "leaders seek to conceal the truth... American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom." If only he had the kind of power and closeness to the president to do something about it! Shucks.

Happy B-day, Brown v. Board: It's been 64 years since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of desegregating schools in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case. Here are some lovely graphs that explain how US schools have (and haven't) changed since that pivotal moment.

Reparations: Michigan State has agreed to pay $500 million to at least 332 survivors of former university doctor Larry Nassar's sexual abuse—after it was discovered that university officials knew about Nassar's rampant sexual abuse of gymnastics for years. It's believed to be the largest settlement ever in a sexual misconduct case involving a university.

Backstreet's Back... Alright? The Backstreet Boys dropped a new single, because why the hell not. Also, these 40-year-old men are still dancing like like it's 1995—white denim jean jackets and all.