Sassy with her newborn
Sassy with her newborn Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo has announced that its resident mountain goat Sassy has given birth to a baby, and the 2-day-old kid is now out and clumsily frolicking on public display.

The kid—sex (and name) currently unknown—was born Saturday morning and was up on its feet within 30 minutes, according to the zoo. Even better, Sassy's friend Montane is also pregnant and could give the new arrival a friend within a month. The two moms are also good friends and sometimes do parkour together. You've got to be kidding me, that's too adorable!

Sassy and her new brood are Rocky Mountain goats, indigenous to the mountains of North America, and also indigenous to my heart. Their pregnancies last about 6 months, and the kids are usually weaned after a month, though they like to stick close to their mothers for a year after that. Babies are born weighing about 6.6 pounds, but can grow to be up to 309 pounds as adults.

But this little tyke isn't that big yet. LOOK AT IT! IT'S SO CUTE!