Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

The group behind the growing protest outside of a Portland Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are taking a field trip to the Willamette River this weekend.

The idea came after Stuart Lindquist, the man who owns the ICE building (the government leases it from Lindquist Development Co.), admitted to striking one of the protesters with his Mercedes—and then announced he would fight each and every one of the people camped outside his building.

In response, protesters shared images of Lindquist, his license plate, and his home address on social media (for those not activist-literate, this is called "doxxing").

But, instead of marching up to his front door, protesters plan on taking their issues with Lindquist to the water. Protesters plan on floating by the section of the Willamette River that meets his Southwest Portland property.

"Let's set up on the river on Saturday and fuck up this guy's expensive view that he paid for," reads the Facebook event page.

Only one person has confirmed they're going to the flotilla on Facebook . But! News, as of yesterday: "A boat and maybe even a PA is now involved."