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Another Saturday, another opportunity for the fascist dummies of Patriot Prayer to troll Portland and grab lots of media coverage for themselves. (So maybe they're not as dumb as we think? They are definitely fascists, though.) Anyway, as conflicted as we are, the Mercury will be keeping an eye on today's protests, so check in periodically to get informed. Note: Newer updates will be at the top, scroll down for earlier stuff.

Tough Mudder Portland, August 13 + 14
Lock in your summer adventure, Portland. Join us for world famous obstacles over a 5K or 10K distance.

4 pm—That's it for the Mercury's coverage of today's Patriot Prayer rally and counter demonstration, be sure to check in later this weekend for lots of photos taken by our photogs on the scene. Until then...

Kathleen Marie

3:40 pm—Things are definitely winding down, and to the surprise of no one, Patriot Prayer dorkus Joey Gibson is proclaiming the day a "success."

3:30 pm—Check out this video of former Mercury reporter Doug Brown getting beaten back by Portland cops with batons, which happened earlier today.

3:15 pm—Two members of Patriot Prayer on the waterfront, sharing a joint, and perhaps reconsidering their priorities?

Kathleen Marie

3:05 pm—Things seem to be calming and winding down. Cops have returned to separating the two groups on Naito, and as it turns out, Patriot Prayer participants aren't used to this type of exertion.

2:55 pm—A very good idea. Make a note of it!

Meanwhile, as Portland Police chase counter demonstrators away, Joey Gibson gets to practice his free speech:

2:45 pm—Meanwhile back at the river...


2:25 pm—Portland police seem to now be focusing much of their attention on counter protesters (much to the joy of Patriot Pride losers), and are pushing them blocks away with riot control methods.

2:10 pm—Reports of projectiles being thrown, and Portland Police are ordering crowds to disperse, and firing flash bangs and pepper spray.

UPDATE: Reporter Eder Campuzano (pictured above) is reportedly being treated, and will be okay. Best wishes, Eder!

2 pm—True:

Also true:

See below for proof.

1:30 pm— Presented without comment.

Meanwhile, Patriot Prayer dumbbells are marching south, pursued by counter protesters. (Maybe we can chase 'em all the way to Lake Oswego?)

1:15 PM—Let's pause for a moment to laugh at the infantile costumes the Patriot Prayer idiots are wearing.

Kenton Waltz

Kenton Waltz

Kenton Waltz

1 pm—Both sides are slowly skootching down the street toward the Morrison Bridge.

A view from above on the Morrison Bridge:

Kathleen Marie

12:40 pm— First possible injury of the protest?


And yet on the other side of the street...


12:15 pm— Hey everybody, the racist idiot we're all helping make famous is here!


Noon— Protesters have now filled Salmon street, as drones fly above.

Kathleen Marie

And guys! The marching band is here!

Child instigator or solid advice?
Child instigator or solid advice? Kathleen Marie

11:30 am— Police have started taking away poles from the Patriot Prayer LARPers. OMIGOD THEY LOOK FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Something to think about...


Also something to think about...

11:00 am—Counter protesters are gathering at City Hall and will soon be making their way down to the Waterfront, where the Patriot Prayer b-holes are currently gathering wearing ridiculous outfits that make them look like LARPers. "Forsooth! Have at thee, vile liberals!"

Meanwhile Portland police have set up barricades to keep the protesters apart and have set up check stations to make sure no one is bringing any weapons... except of course for the handguns that licensed owners can legally conceal. Thanks a poop-ton, Oregon Concealed Gun Laws!

This is a fair take: