Based on their real-life adventures in adulting, Aaron Ross and writing partner Jordan Paladino’s YouTube series Training Wheels is along the same lines as Broad City and Workaholics. The first episode sees Ross and Paladino playing themselves, their heads in the clouds as they try to create comedic genius on the long-running evening talk show WHO’S the ROSS?. While the two are great at dreaming big, progressing in reality is a rockier endeavor—the two lack regular income and struggle to pay their bills, maintain relationships, and move out of their family’s house. There’s a lot of funny, relatable stuff here—like watching Ross fully commit to a downward spiral in Pioneer Square after his girlfriend Rachel breaks up with him for not being adult enough, or the hilarious dialogue that ensues when Ross and Paladino each attempt to get day jobs. Even the peripheral characters are rounded out by solid lines and excellent delivery. I particularly liked friend/actor Rachel Lynn Meyer (as herself) and Ross' almost-boss, played by Brett Smith. On top of being genuinely funny and enjoyable, it’s always fun to see Portland and its many landmarks in an on-screen narrative. Plus donuts and strippers. Lots of strippers. It'll be fun to see how much the show mirrors reality as Ross' character moves forward (or not) without training wheels.

The 10-episode season makes its debut on September 30, with new episodes dropping every Sunday. However, right now there's a sneak preview of the pilot on

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