Oregon Rep. Bill Post
Oregon Rep. Bill Post Courtesy YouTube

Taking a page from President Trump—who last week openly made fun of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's account of her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh—Oregon Republican Rep. Bill Post also mocked sexual assault survivors on Twitter this past Saturday.

UPDATE: After standing by his offensive tweet for a few days, Rep. Bill Post has deleted the tweet without apology. However, here's a screenshot that I captured (since I figured he'd try backpedaling out of this potentially career-ruining situation).


Keep reading to find out how to donate to his midterms challenger, Democrat Dave McCall.


Post is a Republican representing District 25 (which includes Keizer, Newberg, and St. Paul) and a former conservative radio host (on Salem's KPJC 1220 am which also features Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and conspiracy crackpot Alex Jones). With views that are on the far right of the conservative spectrum, Rep. Post is currently throwing his support behind the anti-immigrant Measure 105, as well as Measure 106 (a backdoor ban on abortion), and has said that he doesn't consider Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler to be far enough to the right. In March, apparently furious over the introduction of a ballot initiative that would restrict the sale of assault weapons, Post doxxed three of the initiative's organizers, encouraging his supporters to call and harass them. He has also used his radio show to bitterly complain about having to undergo state-mandated sexual misconduct prevention training. And if that's not enough, Post is endorsed by the NRA, Oregon Right to Life, and the Oregon Family Council (who campaigns regularly against same-sex marriage).

But back to his tweet—it is despicable. But here's why it's especially despicable:

One out of six women are victims of attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes. I assume Rep. Post knows and cares about more than six women in his life. However his tweet, which he says he simply could not resist posting, laughs at and diminishes all these women—in particular those who have been sexually assaulted.

• By publishing and standing by this tweet, Rep. Post not only insinuates that sexual assault is a laughing matter, but that the women who dare complain about it are stupid. ("We'll take our case to the Supreme Court.") But the cruelty doesn't stop there...

• This meme, which Rep. Post thinks is so hilarious, tacitly confirms that the Kavanaugh nomination/confirmation was a rigged game constructed by the GOP to make sure people (like sexual assault survivors) will never find justice when their cases come before the Supreme Court, now that the highest court in the land is just another corrupt arm of Trump and Republicans.

Rep. Post, who was elected by the people of Kaizer and rural Marion County, has proven himself to be a poster boy for the cruelty and immorality that runs rampant in the GOP. Unfortunately for Post, he's up for reelection in November. Many people have already begun donating to the campaign of his challenger, Dave McCall, a moderate Democrat that has come out against the racist, anti-immigrant Measure 105.

To the people of District 25, make sure you're registered to vote here (and then do so on or before November 6). For everybody else, you can donate to the Dave McCall campaign here.