Senator Ron Wyden speaks at an anti-Trump protest at the Portland waterfront Thursday evening.
Senator Ron Wyden speaks at an anti-Trump protest at the Portland waterfront Thursday evening. BLAIR STENVICK

Hundreds of people gathered at the downtown Portland waterfront tonight to protest Donald Trump's firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his hiring of acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker, and the possibility that Special Investigator Robert Mueller might soon be fired, effectively ending the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Chanting phrases like "No one is above the law" and "Hands off Robert Mueller," the crowd lined the sidewalk as passing cars honked in support.

The protest was organized by Indivisible Portland and Nasty Women Get Stuff Done PDX. The groups were prepared to quickly organize a rally in the event that Mueller's investigation seemed at risk.

"When this happened yesterday, people started mobilizing very quickly," said Margaret Foley, the communications director for Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX. "We think it's important that people come out and make their viewpoints known."

Several people spoke at the rally, including a rousing speech by Senator Ron Wyden.

"The [midterm] election results had barely come in, and Donald Trump railroaded his attorney general into resigning" Wyden said. "That shows how terrified he is about Bob Mueller's work."

"We've got something wonderful in this country; it's called the Constitution," Wyden added. "No one is above the law in America."

There were no signs of Patriot Prayer, a Vancouver-based right-wing extremist group that often incites violence in an attempt to "troll the left" at Portland protests—or any other counter-protesters. As protestors gathered on the waterfront, the Portland City Council was discussing a proposed ordinance that would give Mayor Ted Wheeler more power in determining which groups would be allowed to protest in Portland.

When asked what next steps were should Trump fire Mueller, Foley answered, "We do the same thing. But bigger."