Via DiNove's Facebook page

Could the love affair between Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer and their violent, alt-right allies, the Proud Boys, be in trouble?

A local member of the Proud Boys who goes by the handle Vittorio DiNove has posted a video of himself disavowing the Proud Boys "club"—claiming that they're all about getting drunk and fighting—and in a hilarious act of impotent fury, burns his Perry Ellis shirt, the unofficial uniform of the organization.

That is funny. However, the longer version of the video is even more interesting, because DiNove specifically calls out his former alt-right pal, Joey Gibson of Vancouver, WA's Patriot Prayer, accusing him of lying, instigating violence, and using the Proud Boys to gain media fame and monetize Gibson's political career.

Apparently this feud has been building for awhile and DiNove has been making his disgruntlement with the Patriot Prayer leader very public on Facebook.

In a dissenting opinion beneath DiNove's video, a commenter posited a theory that the Proud Boys had already disassociated themselves from Patriot Prayer, and DiNove was actually kicked out of both groups. DiNove apparently did NOT like that explanation.

Via DiNove's Facebook page

OH MY GOODNESS, THE DRAMA. In any case, it's probably a good idea to take DiNove's shirt-burning epiphany, in which he seemingly no longer condones violence and has now discovered a newfound acceptance for the LGBTQ community, with a grain of salt. Because according to this post and his comment above where he entreats the commenter to "suck his fucking dick," and threatens to "kick the ever loving fuck" out of him, he still needs quite a lot of work to become "woke."