I love Elizabeth Banks, and I intend to continuing loving Elizabeth Banks. I do not love the newest reboot of Charlie’s Angels, which Elizabeth Banks wrote and directed. And I won’t lie… I feel bad about that.

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It’s especially frustrating when you know what a talented actor and director like Banks can do, and what you know she wants to do… but it just doesn’t get there. Such is the case with Charlie’s Angels, which, one would think, would take on some kind of new, genre-flopping twist with Banks at the wheel, but is somehow less funny and relevant than McG’s two movies that starred Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu, and let’s not even get into the not-so-fondly-remembered ’70s TV series.

Banks’ version isn’t a complete disaster, and in fact has some fun turns by Patrick Stewart and newcomer Naomi Scott (Pink Power Ranger!!), and the last third significantly loosens up and becomes the fun, action-packed adventure you are hoping it will be. But the first two-thirds? Eeeeeeeesh! It’s a leisurely slog through molasses, with characters you really don’t give two craps about. That said, I know Elizabeth Banks has the goods, and I will happily stand in line to see what she does next. (As long as it’s not a fourth attempt to reboot a series that was problematic in the first place.)

Charlie's Angels is now playing at various theaters.