Tonight, the Northwest Film Center was planning to screen the theatrical cut of Kenneth Lonergan's barely seen masterpiece Margaret. On its own, this was a pretty big deal—there simply aren't many chances to see Margaret, in any form, on the big screen. But now it's an even bigger deal: Thanks to a last-minute switch-up, the Film Center will now be screening the extended cut of the film.

Thanks to a whole mess of complicated issues, screenings of this vastly superior cut of Margaret hardly ever happen, and the chance to see this remarkable film, in this form, shouldn't be missed—as I wrote earlier this week, Margaret, in its extended version, is nothing less than one of the best films of the past several decades. There's more info about the film and its tumultuous history in that original post, but here's the short version:

Do you enjoy seeing truly great movies? Cancel whatever you've got going on tonight. Go see the extended cut of Margaret instead. You won't be sorry.

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Margaret screens Fri Nov 22 at 7 pm at the Northwest Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium.