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The impeachment debate plays in New York Citys Times Square on Wednesday.
The impeachment debate plays in New York City's Times Square on Wednesday. Stephanie Keith / Getty images

Good morning, Portland! Some impeachment we're having, isn't it?

Here are the headlines.

"Historic Rebuke": Donald Trump, a man who never met a thing he couldn't ruin for everyone involved, has officially been impeached by the House. He's just the third president in US history to be impeached, but don't expect him to be removed from office: Now he'll go through a trial in the Senate, which has a staunch, childish, and selfish Republican majority.

Meanwhile: As Congress was voting to impeach Trump last evening, Trump was rallying his troops at a campaign event in Michigan. "It doesn't really feel like I'm being impeached," he told the crowd. "We did nothing wrong." Nice to know that some things never change!

Speaking of Unaccountable Leaders:

Tragedy in Washington County: A 20-year-old man stabbed several people at a Beaverton Wells Fargo yesterday, killing one and injuring several others. Police say it was a robbery gone wrong.

Renewal: Portland City Council re-adopted an ordinance banning new fossil fuel infrastructure in town yesterday. The ordinance had survived a years-long legal challenge from the petroleum industry.

School Project: Portland Public Schools has seen a slew of racist incidents involving students in the last year or two. Can a new pilot program help the district deal with this issue?

Vape News: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cases of the vaping-related lung illness that swept through Oregon and the country this year are finally starting to subside. The CDC has identified Vitamin E Acetate, an additive found in some flavored vape pens, as the likely cause of the illness.

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