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Friends and neighbors! You've seen the headlines: Local Portland businesses are really struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. Even worse, those who are still in business and trying to attract customers are having trouble because they lack the funds to spread the word via marketing. Obviously this hurts them, their employees, AND the Mercury... BUT WE HAVE A PLAN FOR THAT. And it's called...


How? By making a donation in the name of your fave local small business that will go to their Mercury advertising fund.

And it's oh-so-simple! CLICK HERE, select a Mercury marketing donation amount and pledge it to your favorite local business that you want to survive this crisis!

Even better? We’ll MATCH your donation and contact the business owner with the pledge amount they've received. This sponsorship can be used immediately for ads on or on our social channels to advertise take-out, delivery, or any of their services. Even if they don't want to advertise right now, they can use this cash to jump-start their marketing budgets once they've re-opened their doors!

The old adage is true: IT TAKES A VILLAGE. And if we can support our local businesses (and by extension, their employees) by keeping them in business? LET'S DO THIS THING.

DONATE TO THE MERCURY'S LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS ADVERTISING FUND. Help us help the business partners (and their employees) we love!

Participate in a Hearing Research Study
Adults aged 18-35 with good hearing will be paid for their time. Located at the Portland VA Medical Center