Terrifying and majestic.
Terrifying and majestic. Photo courtesy of Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal

Hello and welcome to Coping While Quarantined, a web column about the projects Portlanders are taking up while staying at home. We've got an impressive lineup today, so I'll get right to it.

Our first submission comes from local cat Lucy and her human, filmmaker Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal. From Adolfo:

"Lucy is a very special cat for many reasons but one of the more unique ones is that she kinda enjoys it when her human dad and mom dress her up! She’s a super social cat, so I think that she just loves that we shower her with attention when we try a new outfit on her. On a recent quarantine day, I decided to lay out all her outfits and let her pick her wardrobe and we came up with the pictures below. I hope people out there going through these strange times get at least a smile from our fashion shoot!"

Upon inspection of the following photos, I can confirm that Lucy is, indeed, a very special cat.

Photo courtesy of Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal

Photo courtesy of Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal

Photo courtesy of Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal

In addition to that arresting photo shoot, we got a bunch of submissions from crafty Portlanders who are using the extra free time to launch new projects. Abbey Labrum, for example, writes that "I hate myself enough to start making my own *ugly* rugs for my house during quarantine (using upcycled materials from Scrap before it closed)." But you know what? I don't think this rug is ugly at all!

Image courtesy of Abbey Labrum

Meanwhile, Cary Doucette has taken up a new skill: making origami boxes. "I get a bit high, put on some music and start ripping pages from magazines and fold, and fold, and fold," Cary writes. "Not very exciting but it passes the time." Honestly, sounds like an ideal night to me.

Photo courtesy of Cary Doucette

Next up, we've got Azure Attoe, a single mom and creative consultant who's currently out of work due to COVID-19. "I’ve been drawing every object in my apartment, then loading them into a gum-ball machine I use for randomized art and writing prompts," Azure writes.

Photo courtesy of Azure Attoe

Photo courtesy of Azure Attoe

You can see more of Azure's work here and here.

Are you spending more time in bed than usual during the pandemic? It's okay if you are—seriously, I'm sitting on my bed while writing this blog! If so, then you could probably use some bedtime stories, and Megan Skye Hale, a member of Speculative Drama Theatre Company, has got you covered. You can follow Megan on Instagram for a new short story or fairytale each night at 10 pm.

Finally, we'll end where we began: pets—this time of the clay variety. From C. Rocky Jaeger:

I have begun making cute little clay pets called Rock Dogs and started giving them to friends and family to help cheer them up. They're ceramic, so it takes a little time to complete. The community studio I belong to, @themudroompdx, had to shut their doors but still offer community members a way to fire works in progress on the weekend. They're awesome.

Photo courtesy of C. Rocky Jaeger

Photo courtesy of C. Rocky Jaeger

Rocky's income has been impacted by COVID-19, so you can buy a Rock Dog if you're so inclined. You can also follow Rocky's art here and here.

That's it for this edition of Coping While Quarantined—but I still want to hear from creative Portlanders about what they're doing to pass the time while stuck at home! Send your photos, videos, etc. to blair@portlandmercury.com, and you could appear in the next blog. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can stick a kid's-size fedora on my cat's head long enough to get it on camera.