No... no... actually I really enjoy all of Wm. Steven Humphreys posts.
"No... no... actually I really enjoy all of Wm. Steven Humphrey's posts." Twitter Screen Shot

Bonjour, Wednesday! And WOW, it was kind of a rough rollercoaster ride, wasn't it? Time to shake off those blues and brew up a better evening with the Mercury's daily CHEER UP CLUB, featuring a curated pile of laughs to make you smile. LET'S GET IT CRACKIN'! (Do people still say that? I still say that.)

Today in "If you ask me, Ina's got the right idea" news:

Today in "Feeling strong Sandra energy lately" news:

Today in "Arnold Schwarzenegger's mini donkey" news:

Today in "Larry David makes a good point... there's only trouble outside!" news:

Today in "Everybody (and I mean EV-ER-Y-BODY) has an opinion, I guess" news:

Today in "This is the only April Fool's Day joke I'm accepting today" news:

Today in "When funny videos are TOO TRUE" news:

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Today in "Me, when I hear the store has toilet paper now" news:

And finally, today in "This is how I feel after reading the news" news:

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