Dont forget my artisan locally-made beard oil.
"Don't forget my artisan locally-made beard oil." Twitter Screen Shot

Say what you will about the coronavirus (actually... don't), but this quarantine situation has pumped people's creativity levels up to 50 bazillion. Check out some of the best examples of this from today (plus some cutie animals too, of course) in this edition of the Mercury Cheer Up Club!

Breathe Easy: Check Before You Burn
Having clean air means reducing wood smoke. Check before your burn from October 1-March 1.

Today in "You don't have to be the safest dad to be the best dad" news:

Today in "Will you stop hogging the merry-go-round already?!?" news:

Today in "Happy National Siblings Day" news:

Today in "Prepare to be HYPNOTIZED" news:

Today in "Adjusting memes to fit our current lifestyle" news:

Today in "Classic mom pranks" news:

Today in "Just waiting for my nail technician to arrive" news:

Today in "She sees me" news:

And finally, today in "BRB! Learning this dance!" news:

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