Just another day: Quarantined and high.
Just another day: Quarantined and high. Twitter Screen Shot

Okay, it took all morning, but I am now 94 percent certain that it is WEDNESDAY! Are you already feeling the need for some cheering up? Well, welcome to the Mercury Cheer Up Club—featuring a bunch of laughs and weird stuff that's designed to make you feel better! (Wait... it is Wednesday, right?)

Today in "Choose your lie... THEN STICK WITH IT" news:

Today in "If you're not wearing these pajamas, you're not doing quarantine right" news:

Today in "Just kickin' it" news:

Today in "Somebody should buy one of these for Mike Pence" news:

Today in "DJ TOAD on the one's and two's" news:

Today in "We share the same quarantine mood" news:

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And finally, "This home school is the best home school" news:

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