Monkeys with guns: Classic comedy gold.
Monkeys with guns: Classic comedy gold. Twitter Screen Shot

The countdown to the weekend (which doesn't exist anymore) is on! Let's turn this Thursday into a more likable day with the Mercury Cheer Club—a cornucopia (which also doesn't exist) of grade-A laughs from the internet!

The Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing (PCCEP) is seeking new applicants!
We create recommendations to improve police practices. Seeking Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and those living with mental illness and/or houselessness.

Today in "Dogs with exquisite taste" news:

Today in "Why can't I have Detroit neighbors??" news:

Today in "HEY! I just sanitized those balls, and... oh NEVER MIND" news:

Today in "Does this mean you're not taking out the garbage anymore?" news:

Today in "Everyone else on TikTok should retire" news:

Today in "In his defense, that's a pretty good hat" news:

Today in "Since when does the zoo keep Star Trek characters?" news:

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And finally, "Just some good old-fashioned 'monkey with a gun' comedy" news:

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