The scene tonight at the Justice Center where the building was set ablaze amidst a large protest.
The scene tonight at the Multnomah County Justice Center where the building was set ablaze amidst a large protest. Alex Zielinski

We're bringing you live updates from the downtown Portland protest of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. You can get more up-to-the-minute coverage by following us on twitter.

Update, 2:00 am

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While protests, looting, and a heavy police presence continues downtown, the Mercury is calling our coverage for the night.

If you're out and about tonight, we hope you get home safely. Goodnight!

Update, 1:40 pm:

Looting—of Target, banks, Starbucks, et cetera—continues.

Here's some insight from the Oregonian's reporter on the ground:

And here's some additional insight from a Portland writer and anti-fascist:

Update, 1:20 am:

PPB is starting to use military-style vehicles to disperse the crowds:

(By the way, local journalist Sergio Olmos is doing invaluable work tonight—give his Twitter a follow!)

The fire at Chase Bank has been put out.

Also, this:

Update, 1 am:

Chase Bank in downtown Portland is on fire.

Alex Zielinski

Update, 12:50 am:

The protest is thinning out, but some groups remain downtown. Windows are reportedly being broken at Chase Bank.

Meanwhile, Wheeler tells KPTV that the protest represents "the dismantling of our community."

Other intense protests are happening throughout the United States tonight, including in Lost Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, and New York—and, of course, Minneapolis.

Update, 12:30 am:

PPB is using police lines and fire trucks to block off traffic at different intersections—an approach that seems effective in breaking the protest up.

Wheeler has gone on KGW and said he plans to "visit businesses impacted by looting" tomorrow.

While the downtown Apple store has been looted, Powell's City of Books remains unharmed.

Update, 12:10 am:

After declaring a riot, PPB is now closing large portions of downtown to both pedestrian and car traffic. PPB is also telling protestors who stick around that they may use gas, projectiles "or other means necessary for dispersal."

Here's Alex with a firsthand look at the scene downtown:

Protestors are reportedly exercising discretion in which stores they vandalize, stearing clear of Chinatown and mom-and-pop shops.

TriMet is reporting that all MAX trains and buses traveling through downtown are facing delays.

Meanwhile, a similar scene is happening down in Eugene:

Update, 11:50 pm:

The fire set by protestors at the Multnomah County Justice Center has been put out. Protestors are now smashing windows at the Pioneer Square Mall and setting fires in the street:

Police are now using pepper spray and tear gas in an effort to break up the protest. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is also reporting that there have been three shootings related to tonight's protests, though details about the shootings are scant.

In the midst of the chaos, Mayor Ted Wheeler posted an emotional, personal tweet:

Original Story, 11:22 pm:

Tonight what started out as a peaceful vigil at Peninsula Park to honor the memory of George Floyd, a Black man killed by police in Minneapolis, has turned into a downtown melee in which the Multnomah County Justice Center (1021 SW 4th) has been broken into, and set ablaze. Our Alex Zielinski is on the scene.

While keeping a low profile throughout the evening, the Portland Police were quick to arrive at the scene dressed in tactical gear, and issuing warnings.

This story is developing, and we'll be providing details as they become available.

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