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Pfizer gets a $2 billion contract to produce a COVID vaccine possibly by December.
Pfizer gets a $2 billion contract to produce a COVID vaccine possibly by December. Meyer & Meyer / iStock / Getty Images Plus

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration. You've mistaken my love I brought for you for foundation. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

• On day 54 of protests in Portland, the crowd swelled to well over 1,000 (some have estimated more than 2,000) largely thanks to Trump sending in federal officers to gas and attack mostly peaceful protesters demonstrating against systemic brutality against Black Americans. The two parent groups, Wall of Moms and PDXDadPod, grew as well and once again formed a protective barrier between demonstrators and the feds. At around 11 pm federal officers emerged from the buildings firing munitions, flash bangs, and gas at the crowd, and did so two more times during the night before finally stopping in the wee hours of the morning.

• Acting Dept. Of Homeland Security Secretary Chad "CHAD!" Wolf spoke out yesterday against Portland "anarchists" (AKA peaceful protesters) and Mayor Ted Wheeler saying that if local authorities "did their job" then federal officers wouldn't need to be here.

• The feds are also pushing back against a proposed restraining order to stop them from targeting journalists and legal observers saying reporters should be forced to leave when ordered, instead of staying to watch and report on the crimes the officers are committing.

• Riot Ribs, the group of volunteers who are feeding anyone free food downtown at night during the demonstrations, say that federal officers are specifically targeting them and their donated supplies.

• In city council today, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly is introducing a resolution to stop Portland Police from cooperating with federal officers and targeting journalists (which they've continued to do despite a restraining order against them).

• Meanwhile employees of the Department of Homeland Security are reportedly alarmed and disturbed by their cohorts behavior in Portland, saying the officers' violent and over-the-top behavior could do long-term damage to their organization.

• State lawmakers, a church, a legal observer, and others have filed a lawsuit against the four federal law enforcement agencies that have been harassing and brutalizing Portlanders every night.

• Yesterday Oregon tied its record for most COVID-related deaths in a single day, with 7 dying from the virus. Meanwhile our state's attempts to stop infections are being limited by a lengthy delay in receiving test results which is making it very difficult for those tracing the disease.


• With a new promising COVID vaccine on the horizon, the White House is granting a $2 billion contract to Pfizer to produce 600 million doses. The first 100 million could be manufactured by December.

• After months of obstructing plans to control the raging COVID pandemic, Trump has finally sheepishly admitted what the rest of us already know: “It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better.”

• The GOP-controlled Senate has struck down a bipartisan bill that would've strictly limited the Defense Department from sending dangerous military gear to civilian police.

• And even more Republican shenanigans: The GOP speaker of Ohio's House of Representatives was arrested on charges related to a $60 million bribery scheme.

• Trump has stepped up his battle with China by ordering the country's consulate in Houston to be closed within 72 hours. In response, China is vowing retaliation.

Fifteen people were wounded during a shootout at a Chicago funeral home when the occupants of a speeding car fired upon mourners, some of whom returned gunfire.

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• Now let's gaze skyward at the WEATHER: Partial clouds and lots of sun for the next two days with highs in the mid-70s.

• And finally... shit, man. I'm tired of being a bird, too.