Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on the right wing domestic terrorist plot to kidnap her.
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on the right wing domestic terrorist plot to kidnap her. Courtesy CBS

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• International human rights group Physicians for Human Rights has issued a report on police action during Portland's nightly protests, and found that local cops and the feds are guilty of "a consistent pattern of disproportionate and excessive use of force" against the public—and violated United Nations' guidelines in the process. The Mercury's Alex Zielinski has the details!

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• Of the 974 (!) cases referred to the District Attorney's office from the Portland Police related to so-called criminal activity at protests, a whopping 666 of those cases were rejected on the grounds that they are either not severe enough to warrant prosecution, or there was insufficient evidence to prosecute them. In short, they were bullshit charges drummed up to perpetuate the cops' party line that people who exercise first amendment rights are "rioters." Our Blair Stenvick has more.

• RELATED: Congressman Earl Blumenauer has introduced legislation in Congress that in the future would prevent the US Department of Justice from deputizing local officers (like the 56 Portland police officers who have been given oversized power to crack down on protesters) without just cause.

• Smokey skies have returned to central and southwest Oregon caused by wildfires in the state and California. An air quality advisory will remain in effect until at least noon Saturday.


• PREPARE FOR YOUR JAW TO DROP: Thirteen far-right domestic terrorists have been charged in a foiled plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, from her vacation home and possibly kill her. Weird that this plot was hatched soon after Trump encouraged and cheered on his drooling minions as they stormed the Michigan state house armed with guns after an anti-COVID lockdown was ordered by the governor.

• After the Commission on Presidential Debates changed the upcoming matchup between Biden and Trump to be a "virtual" online debate—because... the INFECTED PRESIDENT WON'T STOP INFECTING PEOPLE—chickenshit Trump has pulled out, saying he'll hold a crowded pep rally instead. "All the better to infect more people with, my dear! [CACKLING LAUGHTER.]"

• Because he doesn't know how to stop shooting himself in the foot, Trump announced today in a Fox News interview that he probably caught COVID-19 from Gold Star families who attended a White House event honoring slain soldiers.

• In the same steroid-fueled interview, the infected Trump a) called for his Justice Department to indict Obama and Biden (just for existing, I guess), b) lambasted Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo, and c) called Kamala Harris "a monster" and a "communist" four times. (Man, if this is a symptom of COVID, I hope to God I don't catch it.)

• For... OH, NO PARTICULAR REASON... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is introducing legislation that would create a commission to enforce the 25th Amendment which calls for the transfer of power to the vice president in case of the president's death, INCAPACITATION, removal, or resignation. Like I said though... there's no particular reason!

• Today in "Dang it! Why didn't I think of this?": "The Biden campaign started selling fly swatters right after the debate. They've already sold out."

• Hurricane Delta has intensified into a Category 3 storm and may hit the same Louisiana coast that was battered by Hurricane Laura just weeks ago.

• In these terrifying times, don't you need a good, wholesome scare? Get your tickets now for SLAY—the short, eight-minute-or-less HORROR film festival from the makers of HUMP! Debuting Oct 15-31!

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• The WEATHER REPORT: More clouds tomorrow with a high of 70 and rain Friday night!

• And finally, sometimes things work out just the way they're supposed to.