Public Service Announcement: Assholes get coronavirus, too.
Public Service Announcement: Assholes get coronavirus, too. Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

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• The Oregon Health Authority reported another record breaking day of 1,306 new positive COVID cases in the state. They also say that Oregon has reached a "dire point" in the pandemic, adding this chilling warning: “If we don’t get COVID-19 under control, the virus will swamp our hospitals with severely ill patients putting more lives at risk.”

• A number of local activists and journalists have been included on an anonymous "kill list" sent by far right chuds to apparently scare them into silence. (Won't work, Bozos!) (Oh, and special thanks to the Portland Police and mayor's office for spreading a false narrative that inspired these drip-dicks.)

• The state of Oregon is working on revoking the police certification of Clackamas County Deputy Brandon Kearns, who has TWICE been convicted of domestic violence charges in the last year.

• TriMet wants to create a pilot program for a "mobile crisis response team," which would be far better reaction than sending police or security personnel to respond to passengers experiencing mental health crises. Our Blair Stenvick digs deep into the plan.

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• Although you already knew it in your heart, let's celebrate it anyway: Georgia has officially certified their election results, and JOE BIDEN WON AND FLIPPED THE STATE BLUE. (As Joe himself once said, "This is a big fucking deal.")

• Meanwhile White House press secretary/"Fibmaster General" Kayleigh McEnany just keeps on spreading the president's lies about the election, COVID-19, and the transition of power, FALSELY claiming that there was not an orderly transfer of power between the Obama/Trump presidency. Just throw that fucking lie into the pile with the rest.

• Top Michigan lawmakers are visiting the White House today so Trump can try to pressure them into overturning the will of the people and switch Biden's 160,000 winning votes over to him. (This won't work, but it's still alarming that this fucking criminal will probably get away with attempting actual election fraud.) Oh, and those Michigan lawmakers? They got righteously heckled on their way in, HAHAHA.

• In even more election buffoonery, Trump's lawyers cannot stop screwing up. According to legal briefs intending to prove non-existent voter fraud in Michigan, Trump's bumbling legal team accidentally used data taken from counties in Minnesota—which, while starting with the letter "M", is NOT Michigan.

• YOU HATE TO HEAR IT: "Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus." (Saaaaad trommmmbooooone.)

• Kyle Rittenhouse, the right-wing teen who murdered two protesters during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin (with a rifle purchased with a coronavirus stimulus check) is currently out of jail after posting a $2 million bond.

• Okay, here's something good related to the pandemic: Pfizer has applied for emergency approval from the FDA for its new COVID-19 vaccine. If it's approved quickly, the company says it could start to be available for high-risk people as early as next month.


• In news that we wish was about Trump, but isn't: "Hyenas dragged a man from his bed and mauled him to death."

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• THE WEATHER REPORT: Another mostly sunny day tomorrow but a chance of showers returns on Sunday!

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