GOP Sen. Josh Hawley: Phew! Another long day of ignoring the truth to further my own political interests. Its Miller Time!
GOP Sen. Josh Hawley: "Phew! Another long day of ignoring the truth to further my own political interests. It's Miller Time!" Pool / Getty Images

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• Looks like we might get a substantial dump of snow in the morning with a frigid high tomorrow of 28 degrees—though it looks like ODOT and PBOT are ready for anything. But while you're safe and cozy inside, don't forget about those who don't have a warm place to stay. Check out our roundup of winter sleeping shelters and ideas of what YOU can do to help those who need it most!

• Thanks to their wildly heavy-handed response to last summer's protests, the Portland Police is once again in violation of their agreement with the DOJ—but due to the cops continuing abuse of various communities, does this compliance agreement even make sense anymore? Our Alex Zielinski takes a deep dive look at all the factors involved!

• Following a relaxation of state stay-at-home rules in Multnomah County, limited in-door dining, bowling, ice skating, and more can start up again starting Friday. The question is... is it worth it and should they?

• Discouraging local headline of the day: "FEMA denied most Oregonians’ requests for wildfire disaster assistance."


• It's day three of the SECOND impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and once again, on their final day of testimony, Democrats presented a damning prosecution of the former president's corrupt, treasonous actions before, during, and after the January 6 Capitol attack. Impeachment managers provided plenty of video proof that the right-wing domestic terrorists were acting on direct orders from Trump—and what's worse, they made a very strong case that, even though he's no longer president, he could continue to inspire future violence. (To the surprise of no one, most Republican senators are actively ignoring these truths, and still cowering in the shadow of their master Trump. It's gonna suck to be them in 2022!)

• The Biden administration has finalized a deal that would provide the country with 200 million COVID vaccine doses from Pfizer and Moderna—reportedly enough to vaccinate every single American. (Now he just has to overcome the Herculean task of distribution—no thanks to our former do-absolutely-nothing leader Trump.)

• Trump administration lie #3,785,902 (if you're still keeping score): According to the New York Times, Trump's doctors severely downplayed the president's health when he had COVID last year, reporting that Trump had so much trouble breathing, he was very nearly put on a ventilator.

• RIP to Grammy award-winning jazz pianist Chick Corea, who has died at the age of 79.

• It's (good) Britney (news), bitch: The overbearing father of Britney Spears has lost the ability to retain sole control over her investments, and must share the responsibility with a professional money manager—which isn't exactly "freedom," but it's a step in the right direction.

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Hunker down for a snowy day tomorrow with a high around... 28?!?

• And finally, if this doesn't make you want to watch the impeachment hearings, I can't even with you.