UGH! This asshole again.
UGH! This asshole again. Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

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• Scary COVID-19 news for our state: The Oregon Health Authority reported 989 new positive cases and six deaths yesterday and 993 new cases today. More worrying news: We could see as many as 300 new hospitalizations within the next week. For the sake of everyone, please recommit to WASHING YA DAMN HANDS, WEARING YA DAMN MASKS, AND KEEPING YA DAMN DISTANCE.

• Portland City Council has agreed to put $750,000 toward clean-up initiatives across the city—including volunteer groups, nonprofits, and community organizations—to tackle Portland's garbage problem that has escalated during the pandemic.

• Check out this loving tribute to longtime Timbers fan Kevin Jolly, who suddenly passed away over a month ago and is still being rightfully mourned by the Timbers Army and all who knew him. Sports correspondent Abe Asher has the story.

• Oh, and happy EARTH DAY! Here's a beautiful (and short!) film for you to watch about members of the Nez Perce Tribe who are protecting the salmon on Oregon's Lostine River. It makes for gorgeous viewing and it's educational!


• Today marked the funeral for Daunte Wright—the 20-year-old Black man who was shot dead by Minneapolis police during a traffic stop. Rev. Al Sharpton delivered an emotional elegy, and the family of the similarly slain George Floyd were also in attendance.

• The movement to approve Washington, DC as the country's 51st state took another big leap today when the House voted to approve the measure—even though all the Republican reps voted against it, since DC is chock-full of voters of color. It now moves on to the Senate, where there's sure to be a big battle from even more racist/frightened Republicans.

• In a surprising twist, most Senate Republicans actually voted IN FAVOR of a bill that would fight hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders—and the only member of the GOP who voted against it? Completely terrible shit-heel and domestic terrorist sympathizer, Sen. Josh Hawley, who as usual can go fuck himself.

• Speaking of people who can straight-away go fuck themselves: Trump's resident racist Nosferatu, Stephen Miller, has joined the state of Texas to sue the Biden administration and force them to expel all incoming migrants—including children.

• Still chipping away at immoral Trump-era rules: Today the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced they're torpedoing a Trump policy that would allow homeless shelters to deny entry to transgender people.

• Talk to the Republican male members of your extended family, because: "Some US vaccination sites are shutting down because unvaccinated people aren't willing to get their shots."

• RIP Les McKeown, the former lead singer of the Bay City Rollers—who recorded the 1973 absolute banger "Saturday Night"—has died at the age of 65.

• HELLO, STONERS! You will be pleased to know that SPLIFF—the short flick film festival about cannabis and all things "stoned"—has kicked off and is currently running through April 24, so get your tickets NOW.

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: A cloudy day tomorrow with a chilly high of 55, before showers roll in on Saturday.

• And finally... Happy birthday to "branch manager" of the Oregon Zoo, FILBERT THE BEAVER, who's celebrating his special day with a "veggie and wood" cake!