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The city of Estacada, near Portland, was one of many Oregon areas told to evacuate due to wildfires last year.
The city of Estacada, near Portland, was one of many Oregon areas told to evacuate due to wildfires last year. JUSTIN KATIGBAK

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• Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of the 2017 MAX stabbings that killed two people. Our own Isabella Garcia visited the Hollywood MAX station and spoke with survivor Micah Fletcher about his complicated feelings on remembrance: "I do it so I don’t forget," he said. “It taught a very important lesson to me that I feel like maybe the city still doesn’t get. Maybe. Time will tell.”

• Multnomah County is officially moving into "lower risk" today, and is leaving behind some of the most extreme COVID-19 restrictions—hopefully forever!

• Yes, please:

• Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations' rights chief, said today that Israel's strikes against Gaza and Palestinians were the "most significant escalation of hostilities since 2014," and that they likely qualify as war crimes. Bachelet also called on Israel to allow an independent investigation into its military tactics.

• Have you taken advantage of student loan relief during the pandemic? The break in paying off debt has allowed millions of Americans to finally save money for the first time in their adult lives—but that will end in September, when student loan rules go back to their shitty status quo.

• Abbigail Bugenske of Ohio has become the first person in America to win $1 million for the simple task of getting vaccinated against COVID. Consider this your reminder that Oregon is also holding a vaccine lottery next month—but you have to get your first shot before June 28 to qualify!

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• If you were in Oregon last September, then you won't be surprised to learn that the United States Forest Service is prepping for another potentially catastrophic wildfire season, and is asking Biden for a $1.7 billion budget increase to focus on preventative measures. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is championing the ask for more funding.

• To put it mildly, Portland’s restaurant industry has been through the wringer in the past year. We’ve lamented the closures of many beloved eateries, said goodbye to some food titans, and wondered where the hell government assistance was. We've also seen innovation in the form of ghost kitchens, Instagram businesses, and expanded outdoor dining options. As Multnomah County moves into lower risk, here's a look back on the pandemic for Portland's food scene, and a consideration of which changes might be here to stay.

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• And finally, here's a beer and a bodega cat to bring into your upcoming three-day weekend: