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In an abrupt switch, the NYT publishes a story about the city that centers the Portland Street Response team (above) and Black people instead of the endlessly whining police union.
In an abrupt switch, the NYT publishes a story about the city that centers the Portland Street Response team (above) and Black people instead of the endlessly whining police union. City of Portland

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! One more time, a celebration. You know we're gonna do it right. Tonight, hey, just feeling... music's got me feeling the need. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• In order to settle a wrongful death lawsuit, the City of Portland has agreed to pay $600,000 to the family of Terrell Johnson, who was in mental distress when he was shot and killed by a Portland police officer in 2017. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

• Portland police reform inches forward: On Monday the state legislature removed any legal hurdles that the Portland Police Association—the union for the city's rank-and-file cops—would have used to stymie the creation of a new police board.

• Prepare to crap your pants in shock: The New York Times has penned an article about Portland's struggles that actually centers Black people and the Portland Street Response team instead of the mayor's office and police union. (Perhaps because it was co-written by terrific local protest reporter Sergio Olmos?)

• Eleven Oregon counties remain at the "high risk" level for COVID infections, including neighboring Clackamas county, as Gov. Brown continues to encourage unvaccinated people, who are still very much in danger, to get their shot.

• The Oregon state song (we have a state song?), which was written back when Oregon was a "whites only" state, has finally been revised to remove its racist, non-inclusionary lyrics.

• After its premature cancellation on Netflix, the hilarious animated show Tuca & Bertie is back on Adult Swim, and our Jenni Moore has the second season review.


• Get ready to celebrate, teens! President Biden has reversed Trump's order to ban TikTok, after the former prez got butt-hurt when the apps users ruined at least one of his superspreader, lie-filled rallies. However Biden is asking for security agencies to look into TikTok and others to see if they pose personal data and national security risks.

• Biden has embarked on his first overseas trip as president to patch up relationships with allies that Trump fucked over, and to meet with the former president's international BFF: Vladimir Putin.

• In disturbing Biden news, his Department of Justice is siding with religious schools—even those who receive federal funding—that want to enforce discriminatory rules against LGBTQ+ students. Happy pride month, everybody. :(

• Even after meeting with the NAACP and other civil rights groups, obstinate jerk Sen. Joe Manchin remains unmoved and refuses to vote in concert with Democrats on their voting rights protection legislation.

• Contain your shock: "Richest Americans pay almost no income taxes, report finds."

• If you like laffin' your guts out, don't miss the Outdoor Live Comedy Spectacular at Oaks Park this Thursday through Saturday. Local and nationally-recognized comedians, food, beer, picnic tables, and LAUGHS!

• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and a high of 69.

• And finally, welp, time to find a new stylist.