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Helping you create a space uniquely yours for work or play, with style and art, your way.
Custom framing, photo frames, printing on metal, paper and canvas.
A colorful mural. Its abstract, but features a girl holding a video camera. There are english and Spanish words in the mural.
A 2017 mural by Molly Mendoza, one of the Fresh Paint artists. Open Signal

In local news:

• A grand jury accused Portland Police Bureau officer Corey Budworth of fourth-degree assault for assaulting photojournalist Terri Jacobs during an August 2020 protest. This is the first time in Portland’s history that an officer is facing criminal charges for using force against a member of the public during a protest. Alex Zielinski has the details.

• This week the Mercury is running personal essays and opinions from LGBTQ+ Portlanders. Check out the latest from Sarah Mirk on how the pandemic made her reflect on her gender performance:

• Calling all artists of color: The Regional Arts & Culture Council and Open Signal are accepting applications for the next Fresh Paint temporary mural! Fresh Paint is a professional development initiative that offers emerging artists of color an opportunity to gain experience working in public art. Learn more about how to apply—including how to receive assistance with your application—here.

• TriMet started powering its MAX trains, electric busses, and regional facilities with renewable electricity—as opposed to standard electricity produced using fossil fuels—on June 1. The transit agency expects the change to reduce its carbon emissions by 25 percent.

• Did you know that there are farmers markets in the Portland area every single day of the week? Ever Out has your guide to fresh, locally sourced groceries this summer:

• From the makers of HUMP! and SPLIFF comes a new film fest that features short documentaries made by YOU! It's called SCOOP! and you can find out more about it here.

In national news:

• MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of wealth hoarder Jeff Bezos, is donating $2.7 billion of her fortune to 286 nonprofit organizations. Scott has donated $8 billion of her wealth since divorcing Bezos in 2019. In a blog post announcing the donation, Scott urged people to focus on the organizations receiving the donations who are creating solutions to social inequities rather than her own philanthropy.

• Do y’all remember when Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene compared having to wear a mask on the House floor to the Holocaust? Well, it looks like she finally learned what happened during the Holocaust and apologized for her comments:

• The Associated Press will no longer publish the names of people charged with minor crimes out of concern that those individuals will have a difficult time moving forward with their lives because of the coverage. Yay for not ruining peoples’ lives!

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• The Delta variant of the Coronavirus now accounts for 10 percent of new COVID-19 cases in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There is evidence that the variant has a higher rate of transmission and is more resilient against vaccines. BUT, the vaccine is still one of your best tools to protect yourself and your community, so go get your shots!

• Congratulations to this man: