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Southern Oregons Bootleg Fire is now bigger than New York City.
Southern Oregon's Bootleg Fire is now bigger than New York City. Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal


• If you're consistently annoyed by the politicized bureaucracy of Portland's commission style of government, take a peek at this A+++ explainer by our Alex Zielinski about how a new commission is working to change the city's charter review for the better! (Read it, and you will automatically be smarter on this subject than 98 percent of the people you know.)

• The ever-expanding Bootleg fire in Southern Oregon has expanded again overnight, reaching 232,763 acres or about the size of New York City (!!), that's also capable of creating gigantic pyrocumulus clouds (!!) and even lightning (!!!!). However firefighters have started making progress, and have contained 7 percent of the blaze.

• There are currently five significant fires that Oregon firefighters are worried about and could damage structures—here's a quick explainer and update about the status of these blazes.

• Oregon school districts have been left to decide for themselves whether or not unvaccinated students will be required to wear masks—and considering the fact that the delta variant is making its way through the state, this is making lots of parents very nervous.

• Congrats to the five teens who each won $100,000 scholarships from Oregon's "Take Your Shot" campaign to encourage young folks to get their COVID vaccination shots. (Don't spend all that money on Juuls, okay?!?)


• Speaking of kids in danger from the delta variant sweeping Oregon and the country, according to an FDA official we may be expecting COVID vaccines for children 12 and under by the middle of winter.

• Today in "Oh that's not wildly disturbing, like, AT ALL": According to a new book by Washington Post reporters Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig, top generals in the Pentagon were (perhaps rightly) worried that the megalomaniacal Trump would try to stage a coup after losing the election, and were determined to stop it. (Though according to Trump, it's questionable if they could've.)

• The gunman who killed five people at a Maryland newspaper in 2018 has been declared sane and criminally responsible, and therefore will be sentenced to prison rather than a maximum-security mental health facility.

• At least 60 are dead and dozens are missing as massive floods sweep through areas in Germany and Belgium, turning streets into rivers and destroying buildings.

• As the long sexual harassment investigation of New York's Andrew Cuomo comes to a close, the governor will be questioned this week by the state attorney general’s office.

• Good #FreeBritney news: After 13 years of abusive conservatorship, a judge has awarded Britney Spears the right to hire her own lawyer, and she now intends on charging her father with conservatorship abuse.

• I think I'm just gonna leave this right here:

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect some potential drizzle tomorrow morning that'll turn into a cloudy day with a cool high of 74.

• And finally, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has some very good Olivia Rodrigo jokes that are very much "Good 4 U!" (DO YOU GET THAT JOKE???)