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Good morning, Portland! Hey, have you had time to check out our new Food & Drink Guide yet? It's chock-full of stories about eating sustainably—and deliciously—in Portland. Here's just one of them:

And here are the headlines.

• Last night, about a hundred loved ones of Kfin Karuo—the man shot and killed by Clark County sheriff’s deputies last weekend in Washington—gathered to demand justice. Karuo, a dedicated church leader and family man, was killed by deputies after a car chase.

• Good news: A new OHSU forecast suggests that Oregon could reach herd immunity against the COVID-19 delta variant as soon as late December. Now we get to sit back and wait for the next variant to take hold!

• Be sure to make time for this important story today:

• One hundred and twenty-three City of Portland and Multnomah County employees were fired Tuesday for choosing not to get vaccinated against COVID or submit an exemption by October 18, the deadline for the vaccine mandate for government employees. Both the city and county announced vaccine mandates for employees in late August.

• Portland City Commissioner Carmen Rubio is calling for a public discussion to decide what to do with five statues of historical people that were overturned during last year's racial justice protests. Rubio will ask for funding for a “community engagement process” on the statues' future during the city's fall budget process.

• Yet another new report—this one from medical journal The Lancet—shows that climate change has poor effects for every aspect of human health. Cool.

• Remember this asshole? He's still an asshole:

Facebook plans to announce a company name change next week. The move is said to be part of a strategy to move the company's image away from being merely social media focused, and more focused on the company's role as a major player in technology and the internet. I'm sure a reminder that Facebook is all-powerful over our entire lives will make us all like the company more!

• Speaking of social media branding: Donald Trump is apparently launching his own social media network, called "Truth Social," in 2022. But immediately after it was announced, people were able to create fake Trump accounts on the site.

• In a new opinion on a case involving police use of force, the Supreme Court is bringing us ever-closer to full-fledged fascism. In a few sentences, the Court suggested that some of its justices believe police officers deserve more immunity against federal civil rights lawsuits. While the ruling itself didn't set precedent for that, it does imply that some truly gnarly decisions are coming from the Court this term.

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• And finally, here's a vibe for your Thursday: