Judge scolds city, tells them to reveal names of anonymous violent protest cops.
Judge scolds city, tells them to reveal names of anonymous violent protest cops. PAULA BRONSTEIN / GETTY IMAGES

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• Portland cops who refused to display name badges during the 2020 summer protests just got a scathing rebuttal from a judge who is ordering the city to reveal the names of those bad actors.

• While 98 percent of Portland Public School employees were vaccinated by the district's mandate deadline, 138 failed to do so and the district has begun their termination process.

• It turns out that more people than expected died from COVID-19 in Oregon this past summer than previously reported thanks to a computer error, the Oregon Health Authority says. We could be seeing up to 550 more deaths that occurred in May through August.

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• The House has voted to hold walking turnip/Trump toadie Steve Bannon in criminal contempt after he ignored a subpoena to appear before the congressional committee investigating the Jan 6 domestic terror attack on the nation's capitol. (Naturally, sycophantic Republicans desperately tried to deflect any blame away from their dear leader.) The matter now goes to the Justice Department who will decide whether or not to throw Bannon's turnip ass in jail.

• A CDC panel has given the okay for tens of millions of higher-risk Americans to get the Moderna and J&J COVID booster shots—and also endorsed a "mix & match" strategy in which a different brand of vaccine may be used.

• A report issued by the White House, intelligence community, and the Pentagon concludes that climate change is not only a threat to the inhabitants of the earth, but a dangerous threat to national and global security, as instability in various countries could cause bad actors to take advantage of other nations' weakness.

• A Minneapolis cop has been sentenced to five years in prison for shooting and killing an unarmed woman who had called 911 to report a possible rape happening nearby her home.

• The FBI says it has identified the remains of a body found in a Florida wilderness park as that of Brian Laundrie, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito during a cross-country road trip.

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