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Unless management agrees with their demands by Nov 15, Oregon and Washington Kaiser Permanente workers will go on strike.
Unless management agrees with their demands by Nov 15, Oregon and Washington Kaiser Permanente workers will go on strike. Justin Sullivan / Getty News

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Down beyond the boulevard, knock on doors and empty halls. And still sometimes remember, the masquerade's forever. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• Roughly 3,400 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington announced they intend to go on strike on November 15 alongside their California counterparts to protest proposed low wages they say will only contribute to fewer qualified staff when they're already terribly overworked due to the pandemic. Abe Asher has more on the story!

• Meanwhile, Newberg's teachers union is suing the school board for their recently passed proposal to ban Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols from every school in the district, saying they are unconstitutional (which they are!) and exclude segments of students (which they do!).

• Portland Police have yet to believably explain why they allowed a far-right extremist to wander downtown pointing a realistic-looking rifle at reporters and passers-by on August 8—but OPB has this moment-by-moment breakdown of this infuriating incident that could've turned out unbelievably tragic.

• Thousands of migrant workers toiling on illegal Oregon pot farms are being threatened and mistreated by their cartel bosses, and while at least one of the afflicted counties has requested the governor send in the National Guard for enforcement help, no move has been made thus far.

• Looking for the must-see shows and must-hear newest music? Look no further than Jenni Moore's weekly "Hear in Portland" column! This week featuring the latest from Aminé, and upcoming performances from Fountaine and Friends, Moorea Masa, and lots more.


A new COVID-19 antiviral pill from Pfizer is said to cut hospitalizations and death for high risk patients by a whopping 90 percent, according to the company who plans on submitting it to the FDA for approval as soon as possible.

• The FBI is considering prosecuting 37 asshole airline passengers as a warning to those who delay flights and endanger staff by acting like assholes.

• An unprecedented number of youth are protesting the COP26 world climate talks in Glasgow, telling politicians they will no longer stand by as leaders allow the world to burn.

• To the surprise of absolutely no one, hours after Biden issued his nationwide workplace vaccine mandate, Republican governors have trotted out their lawsuits.

• The Justice Department is suing Texas over its shitty, anti-American anti-voting laws that criminalize 24 hour voting and drive-through ballot drops, while allowing whack-job conservatives to observe (and most likely interfere) with ballot counting.

• The House is thus far planning a vote on Biden's safety net/infrastructure bills today—even though moderate Democrats are still waffling over the price tag and demanding a full Congressional Budget Office analysis (AKA a CBO score).

• If you need a drink, you won't want to miss the Mercury's "Shot & Beer" week, featuring creative, one-of-a-kind pairings of shots and beers from your fave local drinkeries. It all goes down from November 8 through 14, and you can get a taste of all the offerings here!

• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Rain turns to occasional showers and sunbreaks today with a high of 55.

• And finally... introducing your newest obsession.