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Portland law enforcement responds to a Friday protest in opposition to the Rittenhouse verdict.
Portland law enforcement responds to a Friday protest in opposition to the Rittenhouse verdict. MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLAND

Good morning, Portland! Here's to having a (hopefully) truncated week due to a national holiday celebrating genocide! (Sorry not sorry, Ted Cruz). We're headed into a rainy week, starting with drizzle after 4 pm today. Now, for the headlines:

- Here’s a boost to your morning: COVID-19 vaccine boosters have been approved for everyone 18 and older by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown over the weekend! That makes every adult who received a vaccine at least six months ago can roll up their sleeves for another go-round.

- A judge approved a lenient plea deal Friday for an anti-fascist protester charged with assaulting right-wing activists during a 2019 rally in Portland. The judge dismissed most of the charges against the protester, leaving him with 80 hours’ community service and no jail time.

- Today in "Welp":

- Portland police casually declared a riot Friday night, after a group of activists caused property damage in downtown Portland to protest the thumbs-down verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Several KATU employees covering the protest were also allegedly assaulted by members of the crowd, causing alarm among several city commissioners.

- Others showed their upset with the Rittenhouse verdict Sunday afternoon, in a downtown Portland march that ended with a “die-in” outside the Timbers stadium:

- Have you checked out Jenni Moore’s Mercury column, Hear in Portland? If not, let me introduce you to last week’s glorious edition, featuring new EPs from PNW artists and Mic Capes’ spicy response to the new diss track.

- Today I learned that mullets originated in Native American tribes in Northwest Oregon—specifically sported by the Nez Perce’s Chief Joseph. A historian tells NPR: “He wore it like this despite the pressure from white settlers to cut it. For him it was not just about dissent and defiance but it was also a collective expression of nationhood.” In other words: Mullets are back, baby.

- An SUV zoomed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI Sunday afternoon, leaving more than 20 people injured and five dead. It’s still not clear what the driver’s motives were for plowing through the crowd.

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- Shout out to this queen:

- Canadian police have begun arresting indigenous protesters at the site of a pipeline project in British Columbia which is on traditional indigenous territory. Chiefs from the four clans that make up the Wet'suwet'en people have been trying for more than a year to halt construction of the pipeline.

- New COVID-19 precautions sparked protests across Europe this weekend, leaving property destruction and injured officers in their wake.